Gordon Browns Bigot Blunder

It was a well publicised blunder that caused a huge stir in the media. Gordon Brown, while campaigning for the then forthcoming General Election, got into his car and unfortunately for him his microphone was still in. He commented on a conversation he had just had with a member of the public and referred to her as a bigot. I have to confess that unlike the media I felt sorry for Gordon Brown. Not because of what he said, that was clearly very wrong, but because I do similar things on a regular basis. I just don’t have a microphone on and get caught! What struck me about this episode was how often in the privacy of my own home or muttered under my breath I have said something that I too would be mortified if that person heard. How many of us have sent a text or email to the wrong person accidently in which there were comments you regret? How many times have I had conversations about someone and changed the conversation quickly as they approach! Please don’t judge me too much, this doesn’t happen often! However God has really challenged me on this. It struck me that whatever I say or write, even in private, should always be something I am prepared to say to someone’s face. I have always known this, but sometimes it takes someone else’s very public, very embarrassing mistakes to serve as a timely reminder! Colossians 4 v 6 Let your conversation be always full of grace…

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