God’s Providence

God’s Providence.

Or God’s provide-ence.

I’m not completely sure what providence means. I think, when talking about God, it means His overall handle on things. Like the way He manages to bring things about, and make things happen.

Do you sometimes have days where you just know God has put you in the right place.  At the right time? And it just can’t be a coincidence? It’s such a great feeling when that happens. And it can be when you’ve actually remembered to start the day by handing things over to God. And stopped to take time to pray about decisions like, where should I go next? Funny that it is more likely to happen when we’ve asked for God’s involvement. You’d think we’d learn!

In thinking about ‘providence’ it made me think about the words ‘provide-ence’.

Sometimes God provides us with just what we need, when we need it. Sometimes that can be giving us a day when things fall into place so well, that we are bowled over again by God’s involvement in this world, and in our daily lives. And it may come at a time when we just needed a reminder as an encouragement to keep going.

Part of the mystery of following God can be that this doesn’t always happen. Some days also go very wrong! Perhaps we struggle with God’s miracles because they don’t always happen. It may feel like sometimes He hears and reaches out to help us and bring an answer – but at other times it feels like our prayers went unheard. I guess it’s all part of the mystery of faith and trust.

But believing that God’s hand is over us; that He cares more for us than anyone else ever could; and that no matter what happens He is with us may help us to keep going; keep walking in complete trust and keep trusting the One who says He will never leave us.



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