Dangerous Women of Rugby win £500 Activate voucher

Activate has enjoyed many years of events in the Royal Court Hotel in Coventry. We are using the Oasis Centre in London for this year’s training day before moving to the Four Pillars Hotel in Cirencester for the 2011 weekend away. As part of our previous contract we have a £500 voucher for the Royal Court hotel which we are offering to one of you, our supporters. We would like to hear your ideas of how you might use this voucher with your group of friends. Read on to discover how you can enter our competition…

Maybe you want to run an event with a speaker and a breakfast. Perhaps you would like to invite a group of nonchurched women to a spa-pamper day and include a lunch. You might have already been thinking of booking a room for an evening dinner with entertainment and Coventry is near enough for you to use.Once we hear your ideas we will award the voucher to the best idea that uses the occasion to reach out to others with the love of Jesus, then it will be up to the winner to liase with the Royal court as to costings, dates and details. The closing date is the end of March and we will let all participants know within a week of our decision, the voucher could be used between April and November 2010. We would then hope that the winning entry is able to write up their experience for our website. Post your story and idea below and make sure that you also put your email and name onto the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you…

2 thoughts on “Dangerous Women of Rugby win £500 Activate voucher”

  1. Cathy Hemsley

    I am part of a group called ‘Dangerous Women of Rugby’: we are Christian women involved in mission and outreach and we meet on Saturday mornings for breakfast to encourage and support each other. There are around 40 of us involved in various activities/events/churches/groups to try to reach other women in Rugby. I’d love to take the group and all our non-churched friends to lunch at the Royal Court, one Saturday: would probably try to arrange a speaker: but the aim would be to make and strengthen friendships and contacts between us and our not-yet-believing friends.
    Cathy Hemsley

    1. Hi Cathy,this sounds like an excellent idea. Just the kind of event we would like to encourage.
      We are delighted that you have come forward with this idea and we would like to award you the voucher. We look forward to hearing more about your event, we will pray for you!
      Afterwards we look forward to hearing how it has all gone and maybe seeing some photos.

      Mandy and the Activate Team

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