Crisis in Iraq

The news this week from Iraq is shocking and overwhelming. The North of the country, and any areas now in the control of the IS military power are in chaos, and Christians and other religious minority groups, are being driven out of their homes, persecuted or executed. The images, film footage and reported stories are horrifying.

It is part of Christian life in the world today, and throughout history, that Christians will be persecuted for their faith, and we know that there are many who face suffering and martyrdom every day in many countries. Praying for them and giving to them should be something that we regularly do. Activate Your Life is not an international aid charity and we don’t normally focus on persecution, but  the situation seems to be so desperate that to sit back and not mention it seems wrong today. As a network, we promote standing and up and speaking out about your Christian faith.  Imagine if that brought with it the loss of your job, home or death threats to your children?

Please can we pray together for those who are facing unimaginable choices and death threats. Let’s pray for those who are trying to support and protect all those who are vulnerable in Iraq today. If you feel led to give, then Tear Fund have launched an emergency appeal for this situation.

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