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  1. Hi
    We are having a chocolate evening in September too!! We have invited a local chocolate company to come and do a demonstration, at £2.50 per person there maybe won’t be too much tasting but it should be fun.
    In the past we have had chocolate fountains at a few of our events and they are always very popular. If you can borrow two or three to have, even better. We have had milk chocolate and orange flavoured chocolate flowing. Maybe you could go for a white choc variety or even flavour another one with Baileys? Lots of fruit, marshamallows and little buscuits are vital. I think it is a good idea to have someone on hand at the machines, to dish out napkins, keep the chocolate flowing and chat! There is usually at least one person who doesn’t understand the cocktail stick and keeps trying to ‘double-dip’. Gentle modeling is good practice!
    Apart from tasting the fountains – you could do a chocolate themed quiz. There is a clever word quiz on http://www.emaths.co.uk/worksheets/Sweet.doc
    the answers are on
    And a wrapper-concealed choclate chunk tasting test; can you spot the Cadburys? Does the Green and Blacks taste better than the Fairtrade Coop?
    At the end if you want to do a wrap-up talk you could go with the story of the coca beans and their tendency to make the goats who nibbled on them jump around, which is what made the Aztecs notice them in the first place. The beans had amazing potential and inner qualities. Once the chocolate inventors released the flavours through drying, roasting, baking and the other processes then the full amazing flavour and endorphin releasing quality was released.
    We are all created with amazing and unique qualities and energy by father God. Once we find a faith and relationship with Him then we can emerge to fulfill our full potential of life with Him in all it’s fullness.
    Anyway there are some suggestions for you to make your own. Please do write back and let us know how the evening goes. I’ll pray for your evening – hope you can pray for mine too!

  2. Hi, ours went really well. We had wine and chocolate nibbles for people as they arrived. Then around the room we had chocolate fountain, fair trade stall, a tasting table with lots of different chocolate dishes for people to try and with copies of the recipes for them to take away. We also had a quiz which went down well and someone came to do a “thought for the evening” using a short dvd clip and 10 minute talk.

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