Fill the Gaps

It was half term last week, which occasionally for us, means decorating.  Being handed a tube of ‘All Purpose Filler’ and a tile adhesive spreader, I set about my usual job – filling the gaps.  At various times over the past 20 years, this job has fallen to me. As someone who likes decorating cakes, …

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Who is really #winning as a result of your #goals?

What’s top of your long term to-do-list? Sorry, that’s a bit 18th Century. (Click here to see Benjamin Franklin’s list.) Let’s rephrase that to: ‘What’s on your bucket list?‘ No, that’s too 2007. Let’s go with: ‘What are your #goals?‘ There are 75.7M posts for this one and they’re full of #motivation #nevergiveup and #balance. …

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Azure Monday

Blue Monday.  We’re told that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year, so we pick out all the rubbish stuff that happens on that day and focus on it. Sometimes, when a few things go wrong (no milk in the fridge, stubbed toe), we can’t be bothered to bring …

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