Start your day with a worship and a word from Fiona

The whole body is fitted together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.
Ephesians 4.16

Today, as we listen to the teaching and interact with our fellow Activators, remember that we are all gifted in different ways. We each have a special purpose so make sure you don’t compare yourself with others, or feel inadequate. Remember, comparison is the thief of joy! BE joyful!

Saturday Schedule

7-9am Breakfast

8-8.30am Devotions Hayley Nock  (Authentic Room)

Why not join me as we pause together at the beginning of each day? An opportunity to experience, explore and discover more to Be Still and Be Aware..

9.00-10am Main Session 2 Sarah McKerney (Main Room)

10-10.20am Refreshments

10.20-11.15am Modify Moments – testimonies and stories (Main Room)

Rachel will host our own chat show.  Five amazing guests are all ready to share honest reflections and advice about BEing who God calls you to BE.  There may be a few surprising stories but nobody will be tipped backwards off a red chair!

(find out more here)

This year’s guests: Bekah Legg, Sue Rinaldi, Helen Bancroft, Claire Gillett, Carolyn Skinner

11.30-12.15pm: 1st Seminars – choose from

Option A: BE Compassionate – Fiona Castle (Main Room)

Fiona will share stories and insight to inspire you to be compassionate in your relationships, experiences, and season of life.  Encouraging us to seize the moment (whether it is the perfect moment or not), Fiona will offer practical advice about how to share Jesus with the people you meet.  Using her own experiences, Fiona will share the best (and worst) things to say during times of trouble and grief. We’ll also ask a few more revealing questions so we can glean tips on how to ‘BE like Fiona’! (Or, better still, how to BE the best version of ourselves!)

Option B: BE United – Hayley Nock (Authentic Room)

In this seminar, Hayley will cover the following questions: Why did Jesus pray for us to be one? What good can come out of unity? What are the obstacles to unity? Can we be different and still be united? What does the Trinity teach us about unity? How can I ‘BE United’ in my everyday walk? What difference will this make to me, my family my church, and those around me?


Option C: BE Ready – Jaz Potter (Deeper Room)

Opportunities to share the gospel arise every day. Some could be classed as ‘God-incidences” and others can be planned and prepared for. But when that crunch moment comes, what do you actually say? How do you ‘BE Ready’ every day?  In this seminar, we will look at how to recognise those opportunities and also discuss what kind of events can be planned to help create those incredible moments where you are ‘ready to give an answer for the hope you have with gentleness and respect.’ (1 Peter 3:15)

12.15-2pm LUNCH

2pm-2.45pm: 2nd Seminars – choose from:

Option A: BE Aware – Bekah Legg (Authentic Room)

Bekah will look at the way power shows up in relationships, and especially what it means when one person has more power than the other.  Understanding this enables us to intentionally create healthy, balanced, authentic friendships.  Particularly, it helps us to make sure that when we tell people about Jesus, we avoid making people our projects and instead we love them in the way that Jesus does.

Option B: Embrace BEing Hidden – Sarah Jones (Deeper Room)

Have you ever felt hidden, overlooked, unsure of the dreams God has placed in your heart?  Quite often in our journey of faith and leadership we find ourselves in times where we feel hidden or not where we want to be. If we stop fighting and let God use these times, He has a wonderful way of using solitude or the silent and often dark years to mould us and shape us to be better friends, wives, mothers, human beings.  It’s time to stop fighting and find ourselves again.

Sarah will be basing some of her session on the book Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership, Ruth Hayley Barton. This will be available at the book shop.

Option C: BE Assured – Jaz Potter (Main Room)

Knowing your position in Christ and what you carry is a game-changer when it comes to sharing your faith. This seminar will look at ten key pieces of your identity and how this impacts your world view. We will spend time identifying fears that hold us back and what the Bible says about them. Walk out of this seminar knowing you are called for a purpose for a time such as this.

3-3.45pm 3nd Seminars – choose from:

Option A: BE an Advocate – Bekah Legg (Authentic Room)

I’ll be walking us through the difficult story of Amnon and Tamar (2 Samuel 13).  It’s the story of a terrible abuse of power by one man but it’s also the story of a lot more men who stood by and let that happen. In a world where we so often hear stories of abuse or the misuse of power, how can we speak up and make a difference?


Option B: BE Limited – Sarah McKerney (Deeper Room)

Can you recognise the signs that you are living too close to your limits?  Taking practical teaching from Exodus 18, Sarah will discuss what happens when we keep all the tasks to ourselves and get worn out.  She will share her breakthrough moment, realising that saying ‘yes’ to something means saying ‘no’ to something else.  You’ll leave with guidance on self-awareness, how to manage the juggle of life, and practical tips on how to be a spiritual being in a human body.

Sarah will be basing some of her session on the book Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership, Ruth Hayley Barton. This will be available at the book shop.

3.45-6pm Free Time

Go for a walk, go for a run, use the leisure facilities (last pool entry 5.30pm).  Use the Halcyon baskets, find a quiet place to read,  phone home, take a nap… enjoy!

4-5pm Unlocking Your Vision (Cedar)
Prebook a 15 min chat to discuss how we could partner with you to help with women’s events at your church. (find out more here)


6.30pm Ambassadors Reception (Cedar)

A thank you to those who donate regularly to Activate Your Life – if you haven’t picked up your invitation, see Rachel.  

(Find out more here)

7pm onwards Gala Dinner (Main Room)

*Feel free to dress up! BE Sarah in jeans and a nice top, BE Jaz in a glittery top, BE Esther in animal print, BE Bekah in full glad rags… whatever you want to wear, just put on something you love and BE YOU!

Songs by Sue Rinaldi

Book Launch hosted by Bekah Legg, with stories from Fiona and friends

…and later a Disco,or just relax and chat. 

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