Ask Alison January 2010

Why not make 2010 the one to fall in love again? So many marriages break down because couples believe they will only feel in love for the first few years, if that.

Can you remember Escape, more fondly known as The Pina Colada song by Rupert Holmes from the 80’s? It’s the story of a couple who have been together a long time and monotony has set in. He describes the relationship as ‘a worn out recording of a favourite song’. The guy reads an ad in the personal column for someone who likes pina colada, getting caught in the rain, isn’t into yoga and has half a brain, enjoys making love at midnight in the dune of the cape. And is followed by an invitation to meet and escape.

Sounds tantalisingly temping doesn’t it? The guy in the story definitely succumbs and arranges to meet the mystery woman. The twist in the story is that the mystery woman in no stranger at all. She is actually his wife! He didn’t know that she liked all those things and was tired of the same old same old too. Together they realise they both want to fall in love again, get rid of the old routine and spice up their relationship. They didn’t need someone else to do that with, they just needed to fall in love again and discover more about each other and what they dream of.

If you want to enjoy an intimate and exciting relationship this year, don’t be tempted to look in the personal columns. As a couple why not write your own personal ad and then swap them over. See how many refreshing ways you can rediscover the passion and excitement of your first love.

You never know, you might even find you both like pina colada!

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