A Divine Moment

A Divine Moment.
Our Activate meeting last week began with chocolate. A bar of Divine milk chocolate, to be precise. Very Activate-Your-Life.
Psalm 34 verse 8 invites us to ‘taste and see that God is good’. How often throughout a day do we think about food, or drink? How many times do we feel hungry or thirsty, and reach out for something to revive us?
God is a constant source of nourishment and strength. Perhaps we should pray for a greater hunger and thirst for Him, and His goodness in our lives. There’s a feast waiting for us, at any point of time. It’s free of charge – the price has been paid. Just pause, remember He’s there with you, and ask Him to fill you up again.
How many times a day does my kettle get boiled? Usually it’s switched on, then left until the boiling ‘click’ is heard, so that another little job can be ticked off the to-do list in the meantime. But those few minutes could be a great time instead to pause and remember who provides me with water and wants to top up His power in me. Regularly.
We eat and drink every day. Regular meal-times. Snacks. When we’re bored; weak; needing a boost. How would the day go if we had a quick snack first thing on the run and then nothing else before bedtime?
And food is for sharing. So many of the great times in our lives involve a meal shared. If you have tasted and know God’s goodness in your life, isn’t that something worth handing out? Bet you’re glad someone told you!
Chocolate’s a bit pointless if it’s left in the wrapper

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