The Activate Team

Fiona Castle
Fiona is a trained dancer and met her husband Roy whilst working on the London stage. She has been involved as a speaker with Activate for many years and keeps the team focused on moving forwards and living life in all its fullness with Jesus. In between her charity travelling and speaking , she enjoys running and spending time with her grandchildren.
Mandy Catto
Mandy Catto has been involved with Activate Your Life for eleven years and is one of the directors. She loves being inspired by the women she meets through Activate, as well as the crazy ideas of the team! She is currently studying for a Masters in Theology at Talbot Seminary in California. She also enjoys leading a prayer meeting, learning to stand-up Paddle Board and keeping track of her two sons and teenage daughter.
Rhiannon Goulding
Rhiannon is a whirlwind of creativity and enthusiasm! Never without a project on the go, she has inspired and motivated countless Christians and non-Christians to take the next step in their faith journeys, with the ultimate aim of leading people to Christ. Friendship evangelism and family are at the heart of everything she puts her energies into. She has a passion for connecting church to the local community. Through her ministry, ‘Connect Live’, she ran various events, with 100 to 200 non-churched people in attendance. Have led and pioneered churches in Preston and Bolton, Rhiannon and her husband moved to Longton Community Church in November 2013, where they continue to serve together. Rhiannon runs a Mums and Tots group and assists in developing and organising community-wide projects and church events. Apart from being a mum of six, Rhiannon loves to take her family on madcap adventures around the UK, drink tea, frequent Starbucks and relax with a good dvd!
Rachel Allcock
Rachel is our administrator here at Activate, so it is likely that she is the face behind the email! With a background in teaching and a pre-children two-year stint in Canada, Rachel has very much enjoyed settling into village life in Longton as a stay-at-home mum to three children aged 3, 6 and 8. She has remained sane by getting out of the house and involving herself in the local community. Five years ago, she started up a Mums and Tots group through her church, and the connections that she has made through the group still shape her interactions and activities. Involved in several small groups both within and outside of church, Rachel has a passion to see women connect and enjoy honest relationships - especially if coffee shops, sale rails, traybakes and anything retro can be incorporated into the event!
Sarah Jones
Sarah is a dynamic, uplifting speaker who challenges, inspires and motivates people towards God. She is an ordained Elim minister and is Assistant Pastor at Father's House Elim in Lancaster. She is a member of our Activate Dream Team and heads up our Miss Activate community of 14-18 year olds. At her church she leads the outreach ministry and is involved in general pastoral ministry.
Bekah Legg
Bekah is PR and Media Manager for Compassion UK and editor of Liberti magazine. Driven by the belief that God’s intention is to see his people live free from abuse, prejudice and the confines of poverty, she is passionate about helping people realise their God given potential. At home she is kept on her toes by five teenage girls and a husband, who occasionally dices with death by singing ‘The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow’ when he thinks she looks like she’s at the end of her tether; it rarely helps.
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  • Fiona Castle
    Fiona Castle President

    Fiona is Activate’s President and the longest-serving member of the team. Since Fiona became a Christian, she has always been passionate about friendship evangelism; she loves to encourage others to look outwards, to share their faith in the workplace, amongst their friends,or within their area of influence.

  • Mandy Catto
    Mandy Catto Director

    As a director, Mandy has played an integral role in Activate Your Life for several years. Leaving her job as a tutor at Moorlands College in 2015, Mandy and her family currently live in California as she studies for a Master’s Degree in Theology.

  • Rhiannon Goulding
    Rhiannon Goulding Director

    Our second director, Rhiannon, is also
    Activate’s Events Coordinator. Never without a project on the go, she has inspired and motivated many Christians and non-Christians to take the next step in their faith journeys, with the ultimate aim of leading people to Christ. Mum to six children, Rhiannon’s life is full of adventure, creativity, and enthusiasm!

  • Rachel Allcock
    Rachel Allcock Project Manager & Administrator

    Working part-time, Rachel is Activate’s project manager and administrator. Involved in several small groups, both in and outside of church, Rachel loves to help women connect and enjoy honest relationships. She has three children at primary school and is always looking out for ways to thrive rather than merely survive.

  • Sarah McKerney
    Sarah McKerney

    Sarah is an inspirational speaker and preaches regularly. She has been part of the team for many years and is now a member of the leadership board, as well as being a source of wisdom in our regular meetings. With a desire to promote authentic faith, she serves and leads in church and the wider community.Sarah is a mum to two boys at high school. She enjoys listening to The Archers when she is on long walks with her dog.

  • Esther Tregilgas
    Esther Tregilgas

    Esther is wife to Matt and is a stay-at-home mum, with three girls at primary school and a baby on the way. Enjoying connecting and creating online, Esther is Activate’s social media coordinator. She has a passion for children and the women around her to meet Jesus, so she loves being part of the local Tots group, where she puts her craft skills to good use.

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones

    Sarah is an Elim Pentecostal minister who is married to Peter. They live in a little seaside town in the northwest called Cleveleys. She is a passionate communicator, who loves to bring God’s truth in a relevant and inspiring way.

  • Becky Robinson
    Becky Robinson

    Becky is fun-loving, energetic and forward thinking in her approach to sharing the love of God. Becky has a huge heart to see young girls walking in freedom and using their influence to impact others for Jesus. She is a youth worker in Preston and helps run our Miss Activate community of 14-18-year-olds.

  • Lee Mansfield
    Lee Mansfield

    With a new husband, new kids, new community, church and home, Lee has been on a steep learning curve over the past few years, and has experienced God’s guidance and healing all along the way. Lee cares passionately for her family and friends. With eight kids, she knows a thing or two about having her hands – and her heart- full to bursting.

  • Hannah Shepard
    Hannah Shepard

    Hannah works full time at Freedom Church in Romsey as the Youth Leader and Operations Manager. She loves to lead worship, speak life and truth into people’s lives, and enjoys eating…a lot.

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